FALL SEMESTER :   September 4 - December 20

SPRING SEMESTER:  January 7- May 18



allegro academy of dance

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Allegro Academy of Dance  

Allegro Ballet of Houston

12680 Goar Rd

Houston, TX. 77077


We participate in off-campus health and fitness programs with SBISD, KISD, FBISD and private schools.

offering classes in:


Classical Ballet





Royal Academy of Dance


Big Ball Class



                        $25  REGISTRATION FEE PER STUDENT

                       for the fall and spring semesters


(1) 45-min class per week                 $325.00

(1) 1 hour class per week                  $375.00

(1) 1.25 hour class per week             $500.00

(1) 1.5 hour class per week               $585.00

(2)  45-minute classes per week       $585.00

(2) 1-hour class per week                  $750.00

(2) 1.25 hour classes per week         $1,000.00

(2) 1.5 hour classes per week           $1,200.00

(3) 1.5 hour classes per week           $1,500.00

(4) 1.5 hour classes per week           $1,800.00

      UNLIMITED                                    $2,000.00

      per hour                                        $ 25.00

         per 1 1/2 hour                               $ 35.00

Payable online in 3 payments


12680 Goar Road

Houston, TX 77077

Allegro Academy of Dance, under artistic and executive director Glenda Brown, works to instill in its students and pre-professional dancers an appreciation of the joy and satisfaction of a challenging job well done through age-appropriate training for toddlers through adults.  The drive, determination and discipline remains throughout the students' lives regardless of their chosen fields.  Knowing how to set goals, channel their energies toward them and reach the goals are skills taught to dance students from the very beginning.  In addition to building performers, Allegro Academy of Dance develops responsible adults, teachers, choreographers, designers, knowledgeable audience members, interested volunteers and, hopefully, future supporters.

Allegro Academy of Dance provides two semesters and two Summer School sessions.  Fall Semester begins in September and continues through the end of December.  Spring Semester runs January through May.  Summer School  begins in June and continues through mid-August.


To maintain the high standards of Allegro Academy of Dance, classes are graded to assure continuous development both technically and artistically.

Due to the physical nature of dance, hands-on adjustment is used as a regular and important teaching tool.  Touch cues guide dance students in understanding body placement and muscle usage.  If parents or students are uncomfortable with this method of instruction, please inform the Director prior to the first class.

Class placement is the decision of the director.

Pointe:  Parents will be informed when the student is ready to begin Pointe.  One year prior to Pointe, a minimum of two ballet classes per week are required.

Allegro Academy of Dance requires strict dress code at every level. 

Ballet students wear pink tights, black leotards, pink ballet shoes, no underwear under tights.

Male Dancers wear black tights, athletic supporter, white T-shirt and socks, white or black shoes.

Female Dancers' hair must be securely pinned up, buns for ballet class, and no jewelry.

Jazz and Tap students wear pink or black tights, black jazz or tap shoes.

Pre-Ballet, Elementary, and Intermediate dancers wear black leotards, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Pre-Ballet and Elementary must wear the regulation tutu sold in office, no underwear under tights.

Junior Advanced and Advanced color of the leotard at the discretion of the teacher.

Registration is the acceptance of policies.